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How we make searching
easier, quicker and more efficient?


We unify and process all the information spread across multiple sources such as NCBI, UniProt, KEGG, and make it easily accessible at one spot.


At BioSeek, the semantic search engine allows you to get results containing all designations of the searched entity with one Click.

More efficient

Bioseek indexes a large variety of entities- diseases, genes, drugs, pathways, and guides you to select the best hit by delivering dynamic suggestions in a structured, faceted list.

Aggregated Entities

Coming soon:

Environmental Factors



Chemical reactions

Built-in Analytics

We don’t simply unify data from multiple sources, we also analyse and present it visually with customizable filters.

BioSeek generates a variety of reports and stats to enlighten your decision making. We can answer a question like “Which were the top 10 genes associated with multiple sclerosis last year?


Visualizes most popular entities mentioned in one article with the entity being searched.


Visualizes the mentions and co-mentions of entities, forming clusters where entities are co-mentioned often. The clusters are signs of existing or emerging theories.


Performs searches for articles which mention each possible pair of entities from your original search.


Shows popularity tendencies of entities within given group in time.


Number of mentions of given entity in time


Shows number of mentions of given entity in articles for each year.

BioSeek Reader enables you to get additional information on any Bio term mentioned in your .pdf, .docx, .xml, .html, etc. files in less than a second. It recognises more than 60 million genes, proteins, diseases, organisms, processes, authors, etc.

Forget about copy & paste
we will present the information with a simple CLICK.

You need to download BioSeek Reader ©, and browser extensions

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BioSeek Reader enables you to get information of all Bio terms from any web source in less than a second. It recognises more than 60 million genes, proteins and diseases, and scans your text to extract the most relevant information for you.

BioSeek Outlook Add-on enables you to get additional information on any Bio term mentioned in your emails in less than a second. It recognises more than 60 million genes, proteins, diseases, organisms, processes, authors, etc.

Advanced in-site tools

Mindmap and Visual Search

Since you have the data structured as a graph, it is best to structure your search as a graph as well.

The Mind Map is a visualization tool which helps you structure and develop your idea. It can include multiple entities and establish connections between them. It is an efficient means of production and transmission of knowledge.


The only messenger platform optimized for Life Sciences

The Messenger is deeply integrated with all components of the platform, as well as the semantic algorithm which converts terms into interactive entities

Recognizes links from other websites and converts them into interactive entities – shareable, clickable, drag-droppable.

BioSeek is built to accommodate and optimize communication in the context of scientific research, allowing for fast and easy and clear information exchange.


BioSeek saves your time

Get Alerts

We believe that information should find you and not the other way around, so our technology makes sure you receive the most relevant information for your favourable content on time.

Make Annotations

BioSeek allows you to make annotations on your PDF files, online sites or emails and keep them directly in the BioSeek cloud just by selecting text.

Gain Insight

BioSeek delivers stats to give you a clear overview of your activity at the Insights section. The “Insights” section is also constantly adapting to your interests and brings you the most relevant news feed.

Receive Suggestions

Based on your actions and scientific profile, BioSeek uses machine learning algorithm to intelligently suggest relevant articles to you. The more you use BioSeek, the more efficient suggestions you will get.

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I am impressed with the Bioseek’s achievement. Their search engine is so powerful that digging through all relevant databases takes only a few seconds and at the end unifies the appropriate information for genes, diseases, pathways, drugs, organisms and authors. Moreover, the built in advanced tools allow developing the search into a new research idea and even share and discuss it with fellow researchers. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking to ease and speed up the research process.

Prof. Roumen Pankov, PhD, DSc

Dept. Cytology, Histology and Embryology,
Faculty of Biology,
Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

BioSeek provides unprecedented flexibility and tractability of the searches and miraculously combines various inputs such as PubMed entries, gene identities, chemicals, and KEGG pathways, to guide you towards a comprehensive network of published material within your field! What a brilliant idea!

Sider Penkov, PhD

Independent postdoctoral fellow
Paul Langerhans Institute Dresden and TU Dresden

BioSeek is a highly convenient program, developed with the help of science workers. It covers the necessities of anyone involved in the science area. It includes unexpected to me functions that support me in achieving optimum efficiency in my work.

Yana Nencheva, PhD student

MSc degree of Biochemistry
Molecular biologist

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