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Business Messenger VS Email

The BioSeek Messenger in Brief: Specialized business messengers have more than a few advantages over email. They encourage brief and direct messages. They allow for persistent, ongoing conversations, which isn't a strong suit of email. Messenger channels let you create topic-centered conversations where people can put down their 5 cents at any time, in a much more more overseeable environment. |Reading time: 3 minutes

Visual Analytics and Information Visualization

Visual analysis helps humans process data and information faster. Multi-dimensional visual representations are important, automatic data visualization significantly reduces work time and helps people think visually. Shifting perspectives on data is critical to understanding. |Reading time: 7 minutes

Collaboration Made Easy

The BioSeek Messenger: The benefits of efficient professional communication are great, regardless of whether we talk about an academia/industry cooperation, a cross-disciplinary one, or among team members on the same project. |Reading time: 4 minutes

Why Conventional Search is Doomed When It Comes to Science

Accuracy and efficiency of search are essential in conducting scientific research. BioSeek understands the meaning of and identifies the relations pertaining to functional entities thanks to the semantic analysis algorithm the search is based on. That eliminates a great deal of the searching hassle usually paired with standard keyword search, allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for, and all of it. |Reading time: 3 minutes