Getting started with Bioseek

Registration & Login

You can use Bioseek without registration, but if you want to unlock the full functionality, register via email, Facebook, Google or LinkedIn. If you sign up via email you will receive an email containing an activation link. When you click the link, your account will be all set. Write to in case you have a problem with your registration or login.

You have full control over the incoming mail from our part. The only mail you will receive will be alerts you have personally set up yourself, and updates info.

To manage your profile or sign out, click your photo at the upper right corner.

Research Main menu

The Research module is your assistant in your daily work process.

Right panel

The Right Panel is available throughout the entire application. It has four tabs:
  • Information
  • Chat
  • Favorites
  • History

It can be expanded and collapsed according to your need.

* If you navigate to a section of BioSeek which is still under heavy development, you will see the image shown below. We are working hard to bring this functionality to you ASAP

Mind Map

The Mind Map is a visualization tool which helps you structure your idea. You can drag-drop any entity to it, and draw a connection you suspect exists or you search for, in order to have your idea visualized in a most clear, full and accurate way. The Mind Maps are shareable. You can set the privacy levels to each map as you wish.

The “Find links” functionality retrieves for you hidden links between the elements in your Mind Map. It is a great tool to help you perform exploratory searches. And so is the Visual Search section


Coming Soon

Watch the full tutorial