Top 7 Reasons to Start Using BioSeek Now

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1. The Search

In 1970 the article “Cleavage of structural proteins during the assembly of the head of bacteriophage T4.” by professor Ulrich K. Laemmli was published in Nature Journal. Since then it has been cited 258076 times. Imagine the impact this scientific work has. The importance of discoveries in the domain of Life Sciences is tremendous, no other industry has such crucial impact on the quality of our life. We in BioSeek believe that the searching algorithms for the purposes of scientific research must be crafted with utmost precision and must be highly specialized for the domain - so that's what we did. Accurate and exhaustive search results have a key role in increasing productivity and efficiency in any process, including scientific research. Obtaining such results requires a much deeper understanding of the terms being searched than the standard keyword-based search can offer. Keywords are void of connected meaning, they retrieve formal matches only, without considering any context or relations pertaining to the term being searched. Standard keyword based search in relational databases simply doesn’t deliver all relevant results, a number of non-formal matches are left out. More about ontological (semantic) search here.

PROMETHEUS- The algorithm

For more than a year our team of programmers together with the scientists on our scientific advisory board have been developing this unique algorithm with the aim to revolutionize the way we read and process text. Prometheus can work for you in any environment: there's a document reader version, compatible with about 400 file types, including .pdf, .docx, .xml, .html, an add-on for with NCBI's Pubmed database, Nature Journal, and: , and an Outlook integrated module which helps you search through your email communication.

Discoverability of scholarly literature is of great importance for progress in science and technology. Scientists must be equipped with the most exquisite and accurate tools to excel in their research.

How it works?

By solving these two most nasty problems we face when searching online:

1) Multiple designations for ONE entity: By identifying each intelligible relevant entity in all of its textual forms- aliases, old names, different spelling options, and allowing for the article to be found if searched by that entity and connecting them to one notion. Prometheus creates a new level of information leverage possibilities. We are scanning about 40 million scientific articles, and we thoroughly analyze them to achieve highest level of understanding of the text and to make them easy to find, when needed. Our graph database allows the researcher to manage this information in the most effective way. The beauty and the magnitude of what this algorithm can achieve are yet to be fully discovered.

2) Collision of terms: In the domain of Life Sciences it’s quite common to have multiple terms that designate the same notion or the same term designating different notions. The regular search algorithm recognizes key words and retrieves only formally matching results. Clearly, that’s not the most efficient way to search this kind of information. Prometheus generates a much deeper and broader knowledge about the entities.We have solved this collision of terms issue, here’s a small example showing how: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and TSC complex sub-unit 2, a.k.a tsc2 -tuberin, a.k.a Nafld. Our search allows you to select the correct term by offering you a structured suggestion list of tags. This lets you actively differentiate between the homonyms and choose the right one. It gives you not only full-match hits, which any standard search does, but also all the other results, containing aliases and alternative names of the entity you search.

2. It is efficient, fast, and intuitive

We aim to bring more efficiency and clarity to your routine as a researcher in the field of Life Sciences. The databases you use on a daily basis are made available in a much more user-friendly setting. And it’s faster. Much Faster.

You can simply type your search in the search field without having to apply multiple filters beforehand. While you type, you get a dynamic list of suggestions to select from it order to clarify your search, but you can also just type it all the way and search it without selecting an suggestion entry from the list we generate for you.

3. Curated News Feed

BioSeek is constantly learning from your actions on the platform in order to be able to keep you up to date with all that matters to you in your professional life → You get highly personalized information streams which save you tons of time.

Set alerts on single items and on complex searches, and get updates without bothering with repetitive searches. The Insights section gives you an overview of your activity and the-most relevant-for-you new articles, authors working on similar topics, etc.

4. A Vision Beyond a Search Engine

It’s an all-round concept: A Research module, a Shop, a Lab management module, a Publishing and document editing module- all teamed up, using the same technology. It will give you great freedom to do what you need once you have stripped off the external navigation hassle.

The Mind Mapping tool helps you elaborate on your ideas while having instant access to the monumental database of BioSeek. You can include any entity in your Mind Map, with all its pertaining relations, and explore further. Zooming in and out of an idea and its fractions gets easier..

The Visual Search allows you to run multicomponent queries. You have to see this!

5. Diverse Analytics

Today, data is produced at an incredible rate and the ability to collect and store the data is increasing at a faster rate than the ability to analyze it. Data analytics done right can improve decision-making, lower risks, and unearth otherwise hidden insights that can be used to create competitive advantage.

BioSeek does not only unify data in multiple sources but also analyses and presents it visually, with customizable filters available to you. Visual analytics methods allow decision makers to combine their human flexibility, creativity, and background knowledge with the enormous storage and processing capacities of today’s computers to gain insight into complex problems. Using advanced visual interfaces, humans may directly interact with the data analysis capabilities of today’s computing technology power, allowing them to make well-informed decisions in complex situations. BioSeek generates a variety of reports and stats visually to enlighten your decision making.

6. Ditch email, no more searching through attachments: the specialized Messenger

You paste a link from KEGG, for example, in the chat and it’s automatically converted into a card, containing most relevant relations and other info about the entity. The card allows for extremely easy further navigation exploring the entity with all its attributes- papers that mention it, authors that write about it, and so on. Of course, you can setup specialized groups and channels to manage different projects.

7. It’s just so easy to use

Bringing it all together:

BioSeek is the most technologically sophisticated platform for scientific (re)search, and it's constantly evolving. We deeply care about quality and we don't stop exploring further and further, devising for advancement.