Collaboration Made Easy

3 ways we make communication in research more efficient - The BioSeek Messenger

Nowadays scientists work in teams ranging from a couple of people to more than five thousand in fields like particle physics or genomics. The benefits of truly efficient communication can be great, regardless of whether we talk about an academia/industry cooperation, a cross-disciplinary one, or among team members on the same project. Working closely with other people can inspire new ideas, bring new knowledge, broaden career opportunities, give access to funding.

1. Fast, easy and clear in-site information exchange

In BioSeek, the instant in-site messenger allows you to share information to your team members immediately, without losing your context and while having direct access to the entire database of BioSeek, and to your profile content. This means you can send over any article, share a project you are working on, with a minimum effort.

2. Automatically makes entities explorable

If a system knows the full meaning of an entity, that significantly elevates the accuracy of search results delivered by this system when this entity is entered as a search query (a topic in one of our previous posts). What we must add in the light of applying semantic analysis in the Messenger is that it diminishes greatly the efforts usually put into exploring relevant entities from within the message because each recognized entity is directly converted into a tag you can click and explore further.

2. Drag-drop

Most entities in BioSeek are drag-droppable. You don't need to download your selected information and then upload it to your chats. You can simply drop to your chat any entity: an article, a grant, an author, a Mind Map, a Visual Search, and share it to your peers without losing context. You can also drag and drop items from History, Information and Favorites to your chat channels. With a few clicks and drags, any kind of information, including that generated on the platform, can be exchanged immediately among your team.

Bringing it all together:

BioSeek is built around the idea of easy and quick access to every bit of information within it. This focus benefits collaboration exclusively. Finding and contacting a peer requires minimum time and effort. Spot-on communication is facilitated to great extents.