Business Messenger vs Email

Reading time: 3 minutes

Why choose a specialized business messenger instead of email?

According to research, email corrupts productivity even more than Facebook.

Business messaging apps have more than a few advantages over email. They encourage brief and direct messages. They allow for persistent, ongoing conversations, which isn't a strong suit of email. Messenger channels let you create topic-centered conversations where people can put down their 5 cents at any time, in a much more more overseeable environment.

What’s exceptional about the BioSeek Messenger?

Certainly all of the above mentioned perks are valid for BioSeek Messenger, but it has important additional features we must mention. Here they are:

  • Gives you direct access to BioSeek’s massive and continuously growing graph database, enabling you to find and send over any particular item just by starting with a “#” when you type (watch the demo video below).

  • It’s deeply integrated with all other components of the platform- the Research Module, The Shop and the Lab Management Module;

  • The semantic algorithm which converts terms into interactive entities (allowing for further navigation) works on messages too, making the information they contain easily accessible;

  • Recognizes links from other websites and converts them into BioSeek Tags – you can click, share or drag-and-drop them;

  • Mathematical formulas and chemical reactions are also drag-droppable and interactive --> coming soon;

Bringing it all together:

Having a specialized, interconnected, and flexible messaging system is crucial for communication efficiency. Being able to communicate with your colleagues while having direct access to all relevant data and information without losing context is a great productivity boost. The BioSeek messenger is exactly that.