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Protein LYRIC
Synonyms: 3D3/LYRIC; Astrocyte elevated gene-1 protein; Lysine-rich CEACAM1 co-isolated protein; Metadherin; Metastasis adhesion protein; LYRIC_HUMAN; Q05DH2; Q52QU9; Q6PK07; Q86UE4; Q8TCX3
Astrocyte Elevated Gene-1 protein (AEG1) is an oncoprotein involved in many hallmarks of aggressive cancer progression such as apoptosis evasion, cell movement, transformation, invasion, angiogenesis, metastasis and drug resistance. AEG1 plays an important role in anchorage-independent growth of cancer cells, which allow for tumor cell expansions. It is also implicated in diverse physiological and pathological processes, such as development, inflammation, neurodegeneration, migraine and Huntington's disease. AEG1 is found to be overexpressed in melanoma, malignant glioma, and breast cancer, and is associated with poor clinical outcomes in hepatocellular carcinoma. The protein is a potential therapeutic target for reducing metastasis and enhancing chemotherapy.
Positive control:Glioblastoma
Dilution range:1:100 - 1:200
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