WNT5B in cellular signaling pathways
Journal: 2021/October - Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology
The Wnt signaling ligand WNT5B is implicated in various developmental pathways, both in normal and pathological physiology. Most of the research on WNT5B has been associated with expression analysis and disease states, leaving the signaling pathways underexplored. Here, we review the current understandings of WNT5B's regulation of signal transduction, from receptors to downstream mediators and transcription factors. We also describe its roles in β-catenin-dependent and β-catenin-independent (Planar Cell Polarity and Wnt/Ca2+) Wnt signaling.
Keywords: Beta-catenin; Ca(2+) signaling; Planar cell polarity; WNT signaling; WNT5B.
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