Journal: 2022/January - Wiadomosci Lekarskie
PUBMED: 35029557
Objective: The aim: This article aims to analyze the statistics of road accidents victims in Ukraine in general and the level of criminal offenses' against traffic safety and transport operation victims, in particular, to consider the main victimological risks for road users and provide them with a public health approach.
Patients and methods: Materials and methods: The theoretical basis of the article is specialized literature on law, economics, and sociology. The empirical basis of the research was the materials of generalization of more than 1,000 criminal proceedings under Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the results of a survey of Ukrainian citizens on the state of road safety in Ukraine.
Results: Results: According to the results of an empirical study, in terms of role, pedestrians clearly predominate among the victims (59.6%), while every fourth victim is a passenger of a vehicle. Driver victims are only 14.6% of the total number. Victimological risk on the roads is the probability of becoming a victim and suffering damage to one's life and health from criminal offenses against traffic safety and operation of transport. For each of the categories of victims there are both general and specific victimological risks. The causes of accidents can be grouped by the source of danger in the triangle "person - mechanism - road".
Conclusion: Conclusions: The most dangerous and widespread victimological risks for road users in Ukraine are speeding and maneuvering, drunk driving, parking violations, poor road infrastructure, physiological and psychological characteristics of road users, low professional skills of drivers, etc.
Keywords: public health; road safety; road users; victimological risks.
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