Uncovering multi-faceted taxonomic and functional diversity of soil bacteriomes in tropical Southeast Asian countries
Journal: 2021/January - BioImpacts
Environmental microbiomes encompass massive biodiversity and genetic information with a wide-ranging potential for industrial and agricultural applications. Knowledge of the relationship between microbiomes and environmental factors is crucial for translating that information into practical uses. In this study, the integrated data of Southeast Asian soil bacteriomes were used as models to assess the variation in taxonomic and functional diversity of bacterial communities. Our results demonstrated that there were differences in soil bacteriomes across different geographic locality with different soil characteristics: soil class and pH level. Such differences were observed in taxonomic diversity, interspecific association patterns, and functional diversity of soil bacteriomes. The bacterial-mediated biogeochemical cycles of nitrogen, sulfur, carbon, and phosphorus illustrated the functional relationship of soil bacteriome and soil characteristics, as well as an influence from bacterial interspecific interaction. The insights from this study reveal the importance of microbiome data integration for future microbiome research.
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