Sonography of liver transplantation
Journal: 2020/October - Abdominal Radiology
Orthotopic liver transplant (OLT) is established as the definitive treatment of choice for end stage liver disease. Over the years, refined surgical techniques as well as advancements in organ preservation and immunosuppressive regimens have improved graft and patient survival rates. Imaging has also contributed to improved graft and patient survival. Ultrasound is the initial investigation of choice for evaluation of post-transplant anatomy and for identifying early complications. A thorough knowledge of surgical techniques and normal post-operative appearance of the OLT is needed to accurately identify and characterize graft complications. The objective of this article is to review the sonographic findings of normal liver transplant as well as post-operative complications. Indications and contraindications for OLT as well as different surgical techniques will also be briefly reviewed.
Keywords: Liver transplant; Normal post-operative findings; Ultrasound.
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