Signatures of Weyl Fermion Annihilation in a Correlated Kagome Magnet
Journal: 2022/January - Physical Review Letters
The manipulation of topological states in quantum matter is an essential pursuit of fundamental physics and next-generation quantum technology. Here we report the magnetic manipulation of Weyl fermions in the kagome spin-orbit semimetal Co_{3}Sn_{2}S_{2}, observed by high-resolution photoemission spectroscopy. We demonstrate the exchange collapse of spin-orbit-gapped ferromagnetic Weyl loops into paramagnetic Dirac loops under suppression of the magnetic order. We further observe that topological Fermi arcs disappear in the paramagnetic phase, suggesting the annihilation of exchange-split Weyl points. Our findings indicate that magnetic exchange collapse naturally drives Weyl fermion annihilation, opening new opportunities for engineering topology under correlated order parameters.
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