Nitroxoline and its derivatives are potent inhibitors of metallo-β-lactamases
Journal: 2021/December - European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Carbapenemases such as metallo-β-lactamases (MBLs) are spreading among Gram-negative bacterial pathogens. Infections due to these multidrug-resistant bacteria constitute a major global health challenge. Therapeutic strategies against carbapenemase producing bacteria include β-lactamase inhibitor combinations. Nitroxoline is a broad-spectrum antibiotic with restricted indication for urinary tract infections. In this study, we report on nitroxoline as an inhibitor of MBLs. We investigate the structure-activity relationships of nitroxoline derivatives considering in vitro MBL inhibitory potency in a fluorescence based assay using purified recombinant MBLs, NDM-1 and VIM-1. We investigated the most potent nitroxoline derivative in combination with imipenem against clinical isolates as well as transformants producing MBL by broth microdilution and time-kill kinetics. Our findings demonstrate that nitroxoline derivatives are potent MBL inhibitors and in combination with imipenem overcome MBL-mediated carbapenem resistance.
Keywords: Antibiotic resistance; Metal chelators; Metallo-β-lactamases; Nitroxoline.
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