Nicotiana benthamiana LRR-RLP NbEIX2 mediates the perception of an EIX-like protein from Verticillium dahliae
Journal: 2020/November - Journal of Integrative Plant Biology
Verticillium wilt diseases caused by the soil-borne fungus V. dahliae result in devastating yield losses in many economically important crops annually. Here, we identified a novel EIX-like protein, VdEIX3, from V. dahliae, which exhibits immunity-inducing activity in Nicotiana benthamiana. In vitro-purified VdEIX3 can induce strong oxidative burst, activate the expression of defense-related genes, and increase resistance against oomycete and fungal pathogens in N. benthamiana. VdEIX3 orthologs of other Verticillium pathogens also induce cell death in N. benthamiana, which form a new type of EIX protein family that is distinct from the known EIX proteins. A leucine-rich repeat receptor-like protein, NbEIX2, regulates the perception of VdEIX3 in N. benthamiana. Our results demonstrate that VdEIX3 is a novel EIX-like protein that can be recognized by N. benthamiana NbEIX2, and also suggests that NbEIX2 is a promising receptor-like protein that is potentially applicable to transgenic breeding for improving resistance to Verticillium wilt diseases. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Nicotiana benthamiana; PRR; Verticillium dahliae; ethylene-inducing xylanase (EIX); microbe-associated molecular pattern (MAMP).
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