Evaluating the Capacitive Response in Metal Halide Perovskite Solar Cells
Journal: 2022/February - Chemical Record
The perovskites solar cells (PSCs) is composed of multifaceted device architecture and involve complex charge extraction (both electronic and ionic), this makes the task demanding to unlock the origin of the different physical process that occurs in a PSC. The capacitance in PSCs depends on several external perturbations including frequency, illumination, temperature, applied bias, and importantly on the interface modification of perovskites/charge selective contact. Arguably, different features including interfacial and bulk; ionic, and electronic charge transport in PSCs occur at different time scales. Capacitance spectroscopy is a prevailing technique to unravel the various physical phenomenon that occurs in a PSC at different time scales. A deeper knowledge of the capacitive response of a PSCs is essential to understand the charge carrier kinetics and unlock the device physics. This work highlights the capacitive response of PSCs and its application to unlock the device physics which is essential for the further optimization and improvement of the device performance.
Keywords: Capacitance spectroscopy; Charge accumulation; Electrical properties; J-V hysteresis; Organo-lead perovskites.
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