Epidemiological investigation of hospitalized patients with traumatic fractures: a cross-sectional study
Journal: 2021/January - Journal of International Medical Research
Objective: This study was performed to explore major risk factors for traumatic fracture by comparing related data of hospitalized patients with traumatic fracture and patients with lumbar disc herniation.
Methods: Patients with traumatic fracture and patients with lumbar disc herniation requiring surgical treatment in the orthopedics department of our hospital from March to May 2018 were divided into a fracture group and a non-fracture group. Clinical data were collected from the two groups by questionnaires. Major risk factors for traumatic fracture were analyzed using multivariate logistic regression.
Results: Univariate analysis showed statistically significant differences in family history of fracture, smoking history, drinking history, sex, sleep duration, chronic disease history, osteoporosis history, age, body mass index, occupation, and education level between the two groups. Multivariate logistic regression analysis showed that patients aged 25 to 44 years were more prone to traumatic fracture than patients aged ≥65 years, male patients were more prone to fracture than female patients, drinking alcohol was a risk factor for traumatic fracture, and sufficient sleep duration (>7 hours/night) was a protective factor for traumatic fracture.
Conclusion: Young age, male sex, and drinking are risk factors for traumatic fracture, whereas sufficient sleep duration is a protective factor.
Keywords: Traumatic fracture; age; drinking; risk factor; sex; sleep duration.
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