An autopsied case of ADSSL1 myopathy
Journal: 2021/October - Neuromuscular Disorders
ADSSL1 myopathy is an inherited myopathy with limb weakness, respiratory muscle paralysis, dysphagia, and myocardial symptoms. We present an autopsy case of a 66-year-old male carrying compound heterozygous variants c.781G>A (p.D261N) and c.919delA (p.I307fs) in ADSSL1. He had not run fast since school with no family history. He showed a gradual progression of limb weakness and developed dyspnoea, dysphagia, and Brugada syndrome at the age of 56. The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed bright tongue sign. Muscle biopsy showed only chronic myopathic changes. He died of respiratory muscle weakness at the age of 66. Autopsy revealed that there were many fibres with vacuoles and nemaline rods in the biceps brachii, tongue, diaphragm, and iliopsoas. Many lipopigments and nuclear clumps were also detected. The myocardium and central nervous system had only nonspecific age-related changes. This is the first autopsied case to clarify the terminal state of ADSSL1 myopathy.
Keywords: ADSSL1 myopathy; Autopsy; Bright tongue sign; Brugada syndrome; Pathology.
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