The effect of ginseng on sexual dysfunction in menopausal women: A double-blind, randomized, controlled trial.
Journal: 2019/July - Complementary Therapies in Medicine
ISSN: 1873-6963
Sexual problems constitute a largely-overlooked problem for women during menopause. The present study was conducted to determine the effect of Ginseng on sexual function (primary outcome), quality of life and menopausal symptoms (secondary outcomes) in postmenopausal women with sexual dysfunction.This randomized controlled trial was conducted on 62 women who were randomly assigned to the intervention/control groups using block randomization.The intervention group received 500 mg of Panax Ginseng and the control group received placebo twice daily for four weeks.Standard questionnaires including the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), the Menopause-Specific Quality of Life (MENQOL) and the Greene Menopausal Symptom Scale were completed before and four weeks after the intervention.There were no statistically significant differences between the two groups in terms of demographic characteristics and the baseline scores of sexual function, quality of life and menopausal symptoms (P > 0.05). After the intervention, the mean total score of FSFI (Adjusted Mean Difference = 6.32, 95% CI = 3.48 to 9.16, P < 0.001) was significantly higher in the intervention group compared to the control group. The mean total score of quality of life (AMD=-20.79, 95% CI=-25.83 to -15.75, P < 0.001) and menopausal symptoms (AMD=-8.25, 95% CI=-10.55 to -5.95, P < 0.001) were significantly lower in the treatment group than the control group.Ginseng has significant effects in improving sexual function and quality of life and mitigating menopausal symptoms. As a multipotent plant, Ginseng can be a suitable alternative for conventional therapies to promote the health of menopausal women.
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