Ginkgolide B complex efficacy for brief prophylaxis of migraine in school-aged children: an open-label study.
Journal: 2011/May - Neurological Sciences
ISSN: 1590-3478
Primary headaches (migraines and tension-types headaches) are very common in school-aged children. Ginkgolide B, a herbal constituent extract from Ginkgo biloba tree leaves, was considered as a promising pharmacological aid for the treatment of migraine in adult patients because of its modulation of the glutamatergic transmission in the CNS and on antiplatelet activating factor (PAF). The aim of study is to verify the effectiveness and safety of association of Ginkgolide B/Coenzyme Q10/Riboflavin/Magnesium complex for brief prophylaxis in a population of school-aged children with migraine. In our sample after 3 months of treatment with association of Ginkgolide B/Coenzyme Q10/Riboflavin/Magnesium complex, the mean frequency per month of migraine was significantly decreased (9.71 ± 4.33 vs. 4.53 ± 3.96 attacks; p < 0.001). Our findings suggest that in childhood headache management, the use of alternative treatments must be considered not to evoke a placebo effect, but as soft therapy without adverse reactions.
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