Embryonic expression of the chicken Sox2, Sox3 and Sox11 genes suggests an interactive role in neuronal development.
Journal: 1995/June - Mechanisms of Development
ISSN: 0925-4773
PUBMED: 7748786
Three chicken Sox (SRY-like box) genes have been identified that show an interactive pattern of expression in the developing embryonic nervous system. cSox2 and cSox3 code for related proteins and both are predominantly expressed in the immature neural epithelium of the entire CNS of HH stage 10 to 34 embryos. cSox11 is related to cSox2 and cSox3 only by virtue of containing an SRY-like HMG-box sequence but shows extensive homology with Sox-4 at its C-terminus. cSox11 is expressed in the neural epithelium but is transiently upregulated in maturing neurons after they leave the neural epithelium. These patterns of expression suggest that Sox genes play a role in neural development and that the developmental programme from immature to mature neurons may involve switching of Sox gene expression. cSox11 also exhibits a lineage restricted pattern of expression in the peripheral nervous system.
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