[Diagnosis and treatment of pancreas ectopy in the gastric wall in children].
Journal: 1996/November - Khirurgiya
ISSN: 0023-1207
PUBMED: 8926667
The authors describe 6 children with pancreas ectopy to the gastric wall. Their age was between 8 and 14 years. The main clinical and endoscopic signs were: prolonged pain, dyspepsia and a "polyp" in pyloroantral part of the stomach. In 4 of 6 children the pancreas ectopy to the gastric wall was suspected. All patients had been operated on. The indications for surgery were the following: severe pain with no effect of conservative therapy, suspicion for "polyp" malignancy and ulceration, bleeding. In one patient Bilroth-1 resection has been performed and in 2 cases sectoral dissection of the gastric wall pancreatic ectopy has been done. In 3 patients enucleation of the ectopic pancreas was performed. All patients had ineventful postoperative period. The pancreas ectopy in children is an indication for the surgery because of severe pain and possibility of severe complications. The surgery relieves pain and provides recovery.
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