Antibacterial action of extracts of Clinopodium vulgare L. curative plant.
Journal: 1999/June - Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
ISSN: 0363-9045
Clinopodium vulgare L. is one of the curative plants used in Bulgarian folk medicine, mainly during wars for the purposes of healing wounds. The antibacterial activity was studied based on its phytochemical properties. By colony forming unit (CFU)/ml values obtained in different intervals after inoculation of 5% extracts of Clinopodium vulgare L. in ethanol and propylene glycol, it has been proved that the plant showed a very strong action on bacteria. The effects of this action are on gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms and also on isolated microorganisms at laboratory conditions from significant urocultures with multiple resistance. These results are very important as a basis for searching possibilities for utilizing the antibacterial properties of this plant pharmaceutically.
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