A review of the benefits of Satureja species on metabolic syndrome and their possible mechanisms of action.
Journal: 2016/February - Journal of evidence-based complementary & alternative medicine
ISSN: 2156-5899
Metabolic syndrome, also known as insulin resistance disorder, is the simultaneous manifestation of multiple metabolic disorders in an individual. The present-day complementary and alternative therapies suggest several medicinal herbs that may have the potential to improve one or multiple complications of metabolic syndrome. All of them have their own limitations in efficacy and unwanted effects. Therefore, we reviewed species of Satureja as widespread medicinal herbs and potentially good remedies for metabolic syndrome. We reviewed literature found in PubMed and the ISI Web of Knowledge with the key word Satureja in the title. The influence of any species of Satureja on any disease or syndrome, enzymatic, metabolic, or physiological pathways, in human, animals, or in vitro conditions related to any characteristics of metabolic syndrome were considered. The main outcomes of treatment with Satureja species were categorized, and the possible mechanisms of action are discussed in this article.
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