10 reasons to start using BioSeek Mobile

About the app

BioSeek Mobile allows researchers, medical professionals, and patients to harvest the content they need from the most important life science-related repositories* - more than 50 million research articles, 300k clinical trials, 2 million grants, more than 5 million patents — a unified scientific information hub operating through a semantic search algorithm. We process at one go multi-component searches that are normally quite time consuming.

In the last 6 months BioSeek has had close to a million visits, 82% from mobile devices. We are thankful to have received valuable and exciting feedback from our users. The most frequent request has been to have it on mobile. So here it is - the mobile app of BioSeek.

*free access articles are available in full text

Why use it

1. Unified search across a number of relevant information sources

Our approach to information management is holistic. The most important repositories for research articles, clinical trials, patents, and grant programs, are brought together in a single comprehensive and easy to use app.

The semantic constellations operating within our search algorithm help you quickly find articles about different aspects of given entity. For example, diet information in the context of a disease or condition, given drug’s side effects, clinical trials involving it, the drugs relation to cancer, etc.

Screenshot of mobile application

2. Simple, beautiful and fast

We believe aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand, and speed is a main priority for us. Our technology delivers accurate and exhaustive search results fast. We are taking digital tools for scientific research to a new chapter: simple, smart and graceful user interface and a rich set of functionalities make the ocean of information out there navigable.

Screenshot of mobile application Screenshot of mobile application

3. Intelligent Suggestions

We believe that relevant information should find you and not the other way around. Based on your actions and professional profile the machine learning algorithm of BioSeek, Smart Suggest, intelligently creates a selection of relevant materials.

Screenshot of mobile application

4. Localization

We don’t only translate the interface elements, we use machine translation to enable people to search directly in any language or have search results translated to any language and make available articles which would otherwise remain undiscovered. With one click you can translate an article to around 70 languages.

Screenshot of mobile application Screenshot of mobile application

5. Select your specialty and filter billions of pages relevant to you

Choose your specialty to customize the type of information you receive accordingly. Thanks to this, you will always be up to date with the newest discoveries and research in your field and you will not get overwhelmed by all the unnecessary information.

For example, if you are a neurologist, you will receive news and articles related to your specialty instead of articles about, let’s say, dermatology.

Screenshot of mobile application Screenshot of mobile application Screenshot of mobile application

6. Bookmark any document and read it even offline*

When you bookmark an article, a clinical trial, grant or patent documentation, it is automatically downloaded to your device and available, in accordance with their licensing, of course.

7. High impact journals filtration

With one click select high impact journals and get as search results only articles published in these journals. You can select more than one journal and you also can set a minimum H factor and filter by it.

Screenshot of mobile application Screenshot of mobile application

8. Notifications

Set notifications on any search and stay posted on new publications related to it. BioSeek makes sure you receive your important updates on schedule. You don’t need to perform repetitive searches. You will be automatically notified about updates on your items of interest.

Screenshot of mobile application Screenshot of mobile application

9. Automatic highlighting of relevant terms in any document

Gives you spot-on access to relations the highlighted terms have with other entities.

Screenshot of mobile application Screenshot of mobile application Screenshot of mobile application

10. Powerful analytical tools

We strive to deliver the clearest representations of massive amounts of data in a small space, enhance the recognition of patterns, make large data sets coherent despite their complexity. And make it all look beautiful.

Screenshot of mobile application Screenshot of mobile application

* Only free access articles are available in full text.

Wrapping it up

BioSeek Mobile will help you save time. We are constantly enriching our database, tens of thousands of new entries daily.

More useful features will be added soon. Stay tuned ❤

You can download the app from GooglePlay, AppStore or App Gallery for free. It is compatible with Android 5.0+ and iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.